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Hi! I'm a freelance feature writer and journalist. Previously, I was a tech reporter in New York for Business Insider and The Information. Before that, I interned at San Francisco Magazine (RIP) and Eater in San Francisco. While at The Information, I was a part of a team of reporters who won a 2020 SABEW for reporting on the state of Silicon Valley during the pandemic.

I work on feature reporting projects focused on culture. I love writing about my hometown, Las Vegas. 

I particularly love working on stories that give me an excuse to explore new places and speak to interesting people.

When I'm not working, I can be found outside. Or eating. Or both. I'm based in Los Angeles.

I love a good story. If you would like to work with me or know something you think I should write about, shoot me an email.

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Silicon Valley's Very Masculine Year: How Men in Tech Became Ravenous, Carnivorous and Totally Yoked (Vox)

Sneaking, Spying, and Prying at the Las Vegas Grand Prix (Road and Track)

How To Live Forever or Die Trying: My Weekend With the Immortals (GQ)

Murder & Loathing in Las Vegas: The True Story Behind the Las Vegas Politician Accused of Murdering a Reporter (Esquire Magazine)

Death at a Frat Boy Fight Night (Rolling Stone Magazine)

Welcome to The Church of Bitcoin (Rolling Stone)

The Forbes '30 Under 30' Hustle (The Information)

What It's Like Going to Burning Man for the First Time (Business Insider)

Can Mayor Frances Suarez Bring Silicon Valley To Miami? (The Information)

Covid-19 Crashes the Class of 2020 (The Information)

Pandemic Spawns Escape Communities Promising Self-Isolation -- In a Group (The Information)

Freemium Love: Tech Transforms Dating in San Francisco (The Information)

Prayers of the Tuluminati: Down in the Yucatan, A Temple and Its Tech Shaman Chase Enlightenment (The Information)

'You're Grounded:' Home Security Cameras and GPS Trackers are Killing the House Party (The Information)


An Internet Philosopher Finds Inner Peace: A Profile of Naval Ravikant (The Information)

A Curious Menagerie of Mutant Taxidermy: A Profile of Artist Takeshi Yamada and his stuffed rabbit (Atlas Obscura) 

Frank Garvey Might Be an Artistic Genius. So Why is He Homeless? (San Francisco Magazine)

The Curious Case of August Engelhardt, Leader of a Coconut-Obsessed Cult (Gastro Obscura)

Business Reporting

Inside the Turmoil at Softbank-Backed Brandless (The Information)

Harassment Allegations Against Intercom CEO Sparked Departures (The Information) 

Politics Create High-Wire Act for Tech CEOs (The Information)

Casper's Sleep Troubles (The Information)

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You can reach me by email at zoesemailaddress at gee male dot calm, with the latter part of the address spelled in the conventional manner. Or DM me on Twitter: @zoesaintbernard

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